In this massive disruption where we all stop rising and shining, the sun doesn’t. BT Energy strategizes to not let the precious rays of the sun unutilized. We are here to provide you the best and safe services during this pandemic, mitigating the risk of system collapse. Since the onset of this pandemic customers are much more interested in safe services than any other facility.  We are running our sales consultation virtually. We aimed to install Solar Systems to your home and in the market with a contact-free installation while protecting our employees and customers.

As more people are working from home and quarantining their families, they will be using and relying on more electricity than they previously did. Recent studies show that households are using 20% more electricity in their homes than normal. Solar Panels can offer more certainty during uncertain times with greater financial values and more protection for families when they need it the most. 

All the industries are accepting the situation so there are already many actions we’ve seen implemented to this new normal. We prioritize the safety and hygiene of our clients, so we implement strict protocols. All our employees maintain social distance during the work wearing proper PPE kit. We are flexible with our work system during Covid time. Ultimately we expect to see a bit of a slowdown in the short term but expect to catch up within a couple of months. 

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