If you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy bills while exploring heating and cooling options for commercial purposes, you should adapt to new technologies like heat pumps. Heat Pumps are designed to move thermal energy, absorbing heat from cold space and releasing it to a warmer one. Heat Pumps are used in various markets and industries. It is used for air conditioning, potable water cooling, swimming pools, heating water, and sanitation in many hotels and restaurants. 

Hotels usually have heating and cooling demands and for this reason heat pumps for combined heating and cooling purposes would be ideal for economical aspects. Throughout the year there is a constant demand for either cold water or hot water which seems to be favorable conditions for heat pumps. It provides heat 24 hours without any hassle. It has a less complex setting to convert existing heating systems to cooling. 

Heat Pumps are installed on the top floor of the hotel which makes it easy to monitor and operate. They save more than 70% of the energy as compared to baseline. The Heat Pumps system reduces the usage of LPG fuel which in turn reduces the emission of Carbon Dioxide. BT Energy has successfully installed Heat Pumps in a few renowned properties like TAJ Hotels, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Le Meridien, Ananta, Marriott, and more. 

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