Harnessing abundant solar energy for India Solar power is a developing industry in India. Contributing our most to set the seal on supplying this limitless resource to all and sundry. Know More Safety and Quality focus
The quality assertion is imperative to meet the expectation of the customer and bring the credibility of our clients and investors.
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Making a brighter tomorrow

BT Energy is dynamic, India’s best Solar Power Plant Project incubator, leading consumed products by one of the best brands of India. We are a cognizant group of people with a clear business plan for sustainable use of the illuminance amount of light spreading out there. We aspire to provide renewable energy in every household and workplace ensuring less electricity loss and low maintenance cost. Our varied motive behind this start-up is to maximize the efficiency of our solar energy assets. We’re constantly looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our daily activities. We’re being the leading producers of heat pumps supplied to the luxurious properties of India including Taj Hotels, Mahindra Club, Ananta, Suryagarh Resorts, Hilton, Holiday Inn, and where not. 

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Today’s savings,
Tomorrow’s assets

Our complete solar solutions

We’re a stop for all your solar energy needs. We don't stop on solar panel installation, we ensure the post-installation service and help our customers in refunds, repair, or replacements on receiving a damaged item.

Our impeccable services

We are leading the charge in solar technology since we are committed to excellence in everything we do. We strive to serve exceptional service because we value the fondness and reputation of our customers.

Our commitment to brilliance

When you decide to switch to solar, you’re making a huge investment in your place. So we make sure that we make this experience as brilliant, pliable, and workable as possible by providing you the high-quality matter.


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Pankaj Bajaj

CEO, BT Energy

Leading Consultant of

BT Energy is a multi-disciplinary consultancy of Solar services with Anchor by Panasonic with service excellence in Energy, Power, and Solar Design Engineering.

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A Step Towards A Brighter Future

Solar power is the energy harnessed from the radiant light and heat of the sun. Solar Cells capture certain wavelengths of this radiation and convert them into electricity which can be used in our homes, industries, and for any commercial purposes. This renewable resource is the cleanest and most sustainable form of energy. Today’s investment is tomorrow’s asset, this is a one-time wallet-friendly investment for 25 years.

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BT Energy is the leading Consultant as well as Supplier of renewable energy sources across the country.

Here at BT Energy, we are explicit with the quality aspects of the products to build up the market trusts and credibility. We are the leading manufacturers of Solar Power Plants, Ventilators, AC Chillers, Heat Pumps, and Water Heaters. With over 100 projects and more in execution with renowned companies, we’re the fastest-growing solar manufacturers in India.

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